The Command Center

Redefining Remote Solutions

The Command Center

Roth, a Sodexo Company houses an extensive in-house Command Center creating a dynamic network of remote solutions.  The Command Center houses a Service Response Center and Energy Management Systems Monitoring Response Center.  Roth, a Sodexo Company’s Command Center utilizes advanced technology, intellectual capital, and diverse solutions to provide an elite level of unique service.

The Command Center’s capabilities are unlimited, but key areas of focus lend themselves to: Vendor Management, Service Dispatch, Energy Management, Analytics/Reporting, as well as Technical and Service Response.

Serving many professional services, the Command Center has had success in the fields of Healthcare as well as the Public Sector – in large portfolio settings.  The customization available from the Command Center makes this a unique tool that can offer operational efficiency to the world of facilities management.

Advanced technology, intellectual capital, and diverse solutions to provide an elite level of unique service.

Vendor Management

Roth, a Sodexo Company houses extensive capabilities to self-perform service with its elite team of service professionals. Roth self-performs boutique and personalized HVAC and Roofing Maintenance Services to the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware markets. A robust network of 1,500 partnered suppliers allows Roth, a Sodexo Company to serve the entire United States on a National Scale.

Roth’s Service Affiliate Network is comprised of established, proven, and qualified contractors which allow for quality control and best-choice service. Roth, a Sodexo Company has a reputation that speaks for itself.

The Command Center offers value to any business as it increases operational efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on productivity, offers technical expertise and consistency, and introduces a measurable and reportable Work Order System for tracking all calls, dispatches, and equipment repairs.


WatchDog is a proprietary software design that works in an automated capacity. This tool is a critical component that allows Roth, a Sodexo Company to verify the correct invoicing by its affiliate network by covering the following items:

  • Pricing Data of over 90,000 Parts for every major HVAC Manufacturer
  • Repair Estimate Compliance
  • Rate Verification
  • Labor Hour Verification
  • Cross-Reference of Customer Pricing Guidelines
  • Completion of Work Verification
  • Audit of Ancillary Charges
  • Invoice Disputes Managed by Service Response Center

Service Response Center

The Service Response Center is equipped with carefully trained Subject Matter Experts to aid in remote support. This support is 24/7/365. All calls are filtered through a designated 1-800 number specific to the customer’s portfolio. An active email Work Order Request is in place as well to allow its customer base the option to communicate in a variety of ways. Roth, a Sodexo Company utilizes a Work Order System to track all calls, dispatches, and equipment repair processes.

The Service Response Center facilitates and supports the dispatching for all repairs in the realm of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman, Roofing, and Building Automation repairs and services.

The Service Response Center customizes a unique and dedicated workflow to the customer’s need and will dispatch based off of Emergency Service, 4-Hour Service, or Preventative Maintenance.

Energy Management System Monitoring

Roth offers clients an all-inclusive, web-based, system: RIMS, also known as “WatchDog”. This system is utilized to enhance the ability to manage all HVAC needs as well as enforce tools of measurement and analytics:

  • Pre-Equipment Analysis
  • Post-Equipment Analysis
  • Unmanned RTU DashBoard Testing
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Energy Management Controls Services

Roth, a Sodexo Company houses an extensive software platform to support the Work Order Database management allowing accurate reporting and tracking of support. If a technician is dispatched for Mechanical Repairs, Roth monitors the completion by employing the following steps:

  • Technician Check-In and Check-Out via Phone
  • Verification of Total System Functionality Before Release
  • Historical HVAC Data Provided to Customer Upon Request
  • Monitor all Customer Zone Setpoints, KwH Setpoints, Scheduled Hours, and Demand Response Standards.


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