Facility Automation

Automate Your Business Operations

Facility Automation

Roth, a Sodexo Company designs, installs, and maintains intelligent buildings with easily-interfaced automation systems to control, monitor and sense almost every aspect of a building’s operation. Through a customized approach, Roth, a Sodexo Company will customize systems to control: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Consumption, Equipment Operation, Lighting, Life Safety Systems, Security Systems, and Systems Integration.

Easily-interfaced automation systems to control, monitor and sense almost every aspect of a building’s operation. 

Roth’s Facility Automation program offers comprehensive service in the following areas:

  • Energy Savings
  • Energy Management System Monitoring + Support
  • Enterprise Energy Management Systems
  • Building + Energy Analytics

A partner with Schneider Controls – Roth, a Sodexo Company vows to be your partner and ally in protecting your facility, avoiding customer disruption, conserving energy and operating costs, and maximizing your team’s time.

Energy Savings

Roth, a Sodexo Company employs a team of Subject Matter Experts with a comprehensive background in engineering energy management strategies.  Roth’s partnership with Schneider and others allows constant exposure to the most modern technological solutions available.

Roth’s expert team analyzes client energy usage trends and employs reliable and effective systems integration to maximize energy savings.  

These savings take the form of: 

  • Demand Reduction
  • Real-Time Pricing Strategies
  • Load Shifting
  • Demand Ventilation
  • Optimum Start/Stop
  • Setpoint Reset
  • Intelligent Load Shed
  • Residual Energy Capture
  • Demand Limiting

Energy Management System Monitoring

Roth, a Sodexo Company has the capability to remotely monitor any and all commercial automation systems. Roth’s remote monitoring capabilities are supported by 30+ years of energy management service. All individuals involved in the monitoring process are thoroughly trained in the functions and operations of the array of automation systems. The aim of Roth’s Energy Management System Monitoring division, is to provide remote support, or onsite technical support if it is deemed necessary. Equipment diagnostics are monitored by the following steps:

  • Pre-Equipment Analysis
  • Post-Equipment Analysis
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Energy Management Controls Services

Roth, a Sodexo Company houses an extensive software platform to support the Work Order Database management allowing accurate reporting and tracking of support.

If a technician is dispatched for Mechanical Repairs, Roth monitors the completion by employing the following steps:

  • Technician Check-In and Check-Out via Phone
  • Verification of Total System Functionality Before Release
  • Historical HVAC Data Provided to Customer Upon Request
  • Monitor all Customer Temperature Setpoints, KwH Setpoints, Scheduled Hours, and Demand Response Standards.

Project Diversity

Roth, a Sodexo Company prides itself on creative solution-based services. In the realm of Facility Automation, Roth offers a dynamic and adaptable strategy that universally applies to a diverse group of projects. These project profiles include:

  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Government Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare / Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing
Through its eclectic team of professionals, Roth, a Sodexo Company possesses the experience necessary to design Energy Management Systems to accommodate any project, no matter the size or needs of the client.


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