Building Automation Systems

Custom Systems To Control Your Operation

Leading the Charge

The power of Schneider’s product line allows Sodexo | Roth to lead the charge as Central Florida’s installer and provider of Building Automation Systems.  Sodexo | Roth designs, installs, and maintains intelligent buildings with easily-interfaced automation systems to control, monitor and sense almost every aspect of a building’s operation. Through an individualized approach, Sodexo | Roth will customize systems to control: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Consumption, Equipment Operation, Lighting, Life Safety Systems, Security Systems, and Systems Integration.

Sodexo | Roth to lead the charge as Central Florida’s installer and provider of Building Automation Systems. 

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed, but are available to be monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.

Products are available such as:

  • Digital Sentry – Software and Hardware Video Management System (VMS)
  • Endura VMS – IP Video Management Systems
  • VideoXpert – VideoXpert Enterprise Video Management System
  • PTZ IP Cameras – Industry-Leading High-Speed PTZ IP Camera Systems
  • Specialty IP Cameras – Thermal Imaging, Explosionproof & Fortified Camera Systems
  • Panoramic IP Cameras – Surveillance for Total Situational

A partner with Schneider Controls – Sodexo | Roth vows to be your partner and ally in protecting your facility, avoiding customer disruption, conserving energy and operating costs, and maximizing your team’s time.


Building Analytics allow you to comprehensively identify facility issues, pinpoint which systems and equipment have irregularities, and effectively prioritize cost, severity, and comfort impact. A cloud-based diagnostic system utilizes Artificial Intelligence to identify problems and guide resolution.

  • Take advantage of building data
  • Find hidden costs and inefficiencies
  • Optimize operational performance
  • Reduce energy expenditures
  • Create more environmentally friendly, high-performance buildings


Before noise can be managed, a strategy needs to be implemented, and this starts with an effective noise monitoring solution to set the baseline. The Schneider Electric noise monitoring solution combines our intelligent building management system, StruxureWare® _Building Operation, with SoundEar noise measuring devices. Instant access to hospital noise data helps healthcare organizations know where, why, and when to focus their noise reduction strategies.

Auditory Auditing

Noise can come from many sources: paging systems, medical equipment alarms, moving bedrails, telephones, entertainment systems, conversation, and many more. In addition, environmental surfaces can also contribute to noise. Floors, walls, and ceilings are usually hard and reflect sound, creating poor acoustic conditions. Sound-reflecting surfaces cause noise to travel down corridors and into patient rooms, adversely affecting patients and staff over larger areas. With the Schneider Electric noise monitoring solution, healthcare organizations can identify areas of excessive noise and take steps to improve patient care and staff working conditions.

The SoundEar 3-300® is designed to provide accurate customized monitoring and visualization of noise levels, meeting the individual needs in each hospital or department.

Easily managed from the SoundEar software or manually from the touch display on the device, the 3-300 is the perfect, versatile solution when working toward a healthier sound environment.

The light display provides staff and visitors with silent notification when noise levels are exceeding limits for public hospital areas. Such visual cues support behavioral changes.

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