Energy Auditing Services

Energy Auditing Services


Sodexo | Roth offers Energy Auditing Services in the form of inspection, survey, analysis and reporting of how energy flows to improve efficiency within facilities.  

The aim of this service is ultimately to audit and assess energy performance to provide recommendations on how to effectively reduce the total amount of energy used over time.

Providing service to over 99,000+ locations in the United States, our Energy Auditing Program allows tremendous value to our clients throughout all types of market sectors. 

Sodexo | Roth, based on customer-needs, customizes the scope of energy audits to offer high savings potentials to clients. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed the rating systems as designed below.  We adhere to these audit-types and standards.

Preliminary Analysis

  • Analysis of historic use
  • Development of site-specific Energy Utilization Index (EUI)
  • Preliminary comparison conducted to similar sized / fitted facility-types

Walk Through Analysis – Level I 

  • Includes Preliminary Analysis
  • On-Site survey
  • Identify and provide savings and cost analysis for no or low-cost measures
  • Provide listing of potential capital improvements 
  • Assessment of potential rebate incentive availability

Energy Survey and Analysis – Level II

  • More detailed survey and energy analysis 
  • Statistical analsysi of energy use and breakdown 
  • Financial cost-benefit analysis on all measures 
  • Technical information and analysis of provided measures (assessment of any recommended changes to equipment or process)
  • Capital project recommendations 

Detailed Analysis of Capital Upgrades – Level III 

  • Detailed focus on potential capital upgrades identified in Level II analysis 
  • Helps guide investment strategy and capital budgeting process with assessment on potential return

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