Elite Operational Efficiency in a Seemingly Remote World | Remote Monitoring and IoT Solutions

As a National Facility Services provider, we understand the challenges that many facility managers experience today.  More data than ever before is available, more devices than ever before are connected, and countless software platforms are available that promise an aggregate data advantage.  According to a McKinsey article entitled Growing opportunities in the Internet of Things, “the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion by 2023, an almost threefold increase from 2018.” 

This growth trend is going to continue on the fast track, and as the use of physical facilities continues to evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible solutions will be required to help facility managers maintain their spaces.

Around-the-clock visibility is vital for optimizing operational efficiency, but it’s impossible to manually monitor operations 24-hours per day.  Especially as businesses face increasing budget cuts and deferred maintenance backlogs. 

Many organizations are leaning into partnerships where they can efficiently monitor these IoT devices in a remote capacity.  This practice will save service calls, will offer 24/7/365 support, and if an issue is ever detected, actionable alerts will be monitored day and night.  As sites bounce from the status of staffed, to unstaffed, during reopening efforts, this is more critical now than ever before.

IoT solutions, such as the below, can be monitored remotely:

  • Leaks
  • Temperature
  • Humidity 
  • Air Quality 
  • Lighting
  • Occupancy
  • Equipment Status
  • Open / Close Door Detection

A complete solution will deliver substantial time and money savings.

Interested in learning more about how Sodexo | Roth can support Remote Monitoring of IoT devices?  

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