Roof Asset Management Services

A Client-Centered Partnership

Roof Asset Management Services

Sodexo | Roth provides quality professional Roof Asset Management to clients in the National Marketplace. With over 90 years of professional roofing services expertise, Sodexo | Roth utilizes its resource network and evolving technologies, to provide a Client-centered partnership to extend the life expectancy and integrity of existing commercial roofing systems.

Roof Asset Management Services include: Roof Evaluations and Assessments, Preventative Maintenance, Capital Planning, Design, Construction Observation, Procurement Services, Reactive Leak Service and Warranty Management.

A Client-Centered Partnership

Roof Evaluations and Assessments

Professional roof inspectors provide a comprehensive visual analysis to evaluate the existing condition to aide in determining the expected assembly life of the roofing asset. Key elements of the evaluation include:

  • AIM (Asset Information Management) report.
  • Roof condition report.
  • Roof Condition Index via color coded roof plan.
  • Scaled CAD roof plan complete with roof penetrations.
    • CAD-generated roof plan will show all pertinent roof boundaries, roof-mounted equipment, roof openings and drain locations.
  • Color digital photos with descriptions of roof system and deficiencies.
  • Budget estimates of immediate repairs that are beyond the scope of maintenance.
  • Budget pricing for all recommended maintenance, repair, restoration, and/or roof replacement options.
  • Short term and long term roof improvement budget and forecasting.
  • Trending analysis.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned proactive maintenance dramatically prolongs the life of your roofing assets as well as affords you the opportunity to make minor repairs before they become large unanticipated capital expenditures. Maintenance tasks are performed by fully-trained manufacturer certified roof technicians and include:

  • Debris Removal
  • Active leak repairs
  • Roof Membrane repairs
  • Base, wall, pipe and vent flashing repair
  • Terminations Bar or Counter Flashing Secure/Seal
  • Coping Securement

Preventative Maintenance can reduce costs in the following ways:

  • Reduces leak occurrence by up to 70%
  • Proven to extend roof life expectancy up to 50%
  • Maintains compliance with manufacturer’s warranty requirements

Don’t wait until it is too late – allow Sodexo | Roth the opportunity to preserve the life of your portfolio’s most valuable asset.

Roof Leak Service

Sodexo | Roth offers reactive Roof Leak Services with pre-established “Not to Exceed” costs and priority response times to meet every client’s needs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Budgetary controls through a pre-established NTE and priority.
  • Network of affiliate contractors.
  • Maintain roof warranty compliance.

Servicing a single location or an entire national facility footprint – 24/7/365.

Technology and Reporting

Through a secure proprietary web portal exclusive to its clients, Sodexo | Roth provides cost analysis, budget planning and forecasting. This technology is available for customers with one location or a national portfolio. Additional details can be found at

  • Historical inspection details for all locations including photos.
  • Roofing repairs and expenditures.
  • Real-time data download of maintenance inspections.
  • Warranty management.
  • Connection to your Sodexo | Roth service team.

Design and Construction Services

Sodexo | Roth provides strategic partnerships with its clients in the event a capital roof replacement project is warranted.

The synergy between the Sodexo | Roth’s technical design team and the operations and maintenance teams offers a level of practical professional experience unique in the marketplace. Sodexo | Roth evaluates and analyzes the operational and maintenance implications of various roof systems during the design phase. Sodexo | Roth’s team approaches every initiative and project with the client’s long-term goals and objectives in mind.

Extended Roof Warranty

Through a secure proprietary web portal Peace of mind, guaranteed. 

CALL TODAY for details: 

  • Extend the life of your roof system
  • One point of contact for all roofing needs
  • Budget-friendly fixed annual cost 
  • Includes maintenance & reactive service
  • Most major roof systems are eligible 

Complimentary Roof Design 

Interested in receiving a complimentary roof design?  Contact us today to see if you qualify. 

What is Professional Roof Design:

  • Field Survey
  • Condition + Component Assessment
  • Measure Environmental Impact 
  • Core Sample Inspection
  • Preliminary Budget Creation
  • Insurance + Acceptance Compliance 

Ensure your replacement is done right – contact us today to see if you qualify. 


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