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As America’s businesses look to reopen safely and keep employees and customers healthy and informed, many are facing countless new questions and unprecedented new challenges.

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) has released guidelines to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all facilities. Regardless of the industry, The CDC is advising that social distancing, sterilization, and behavioral modification plans be developed, implemented, and maintained.

Sodexo | Roth has a number of solutions that will help you successfully develop a plan in line with The CDC’s recommendations that will keep your facility’s occupants both safe and comfortable. From Energy Management and Building Automation Systems, to Remote Monitoring and National Facility Services, Sodexo | Roth protects the integrity of your building while providing a productive environment for customers and employees alike. Protect your most valuable assets with Sodexo | Roth.


Social Distancing

The CDC has recommended individuals keep at least 6 feet in distance from others nearby. Though this may seem nearly impossible in some settings, Sodexo | Roth offers a solution manufactured in our in-house metal fabrication shop. Maintain social distancing and physical separation while protecting employees and clients alike with our plexiglass desk and partition barriers. These partitions are more important than ever to maintain
cleanliness in a variety of locations, such as work spaces. The plexiglass panels
provide an added layer of physical protection, without reducing visibility.

Improved Air Quality

Your facility’s HVAC system is a breeding ground for mold, viruses, and bacteria that can
cause sickness, increased labor costs, and energy inefficiency. This is because infectious droplet nuclei can travel through a building’s ventilation system. Using Steril-Aire American made products, Sodexo | Roth provides Ultraviolet C (UVC) solutions that eliminate a host of HVAC problems at the source. Once our solution is installed, biofilm is eliminated. Our high-output lamps deliver the UVC intensity required to sustain this germicidal action over time. Savings on operating costs can deliver payback in as soon as 6 months time.

Behavioral Modifications

Harmful germs can remain on many surfaces for hours, as stated by The CDC. Protect
your employees and guests by minimizing the spread of germs with our stainless-steel, hands-free foot door opener manufactured in our metal fabrication shop. Built to
promote optimal hygiene standards in high traffic commercial or industrial facilities, this product allows you to easily open doors without having to use your hands. Featuring a convenient angled design, this product enables you to utilize your foot as leverage when opening a bathroom door, or other common doors. Its quick-slip release guards against injury.

 Ask about our Invisible Ally Strategy which includes:

 – Temperature Monitoring     – People Counting     – Air Quality Monitoring     – Air Filtration


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